Friday, October 21, 2005

Davenport : The Hands of Worm Heaven cdr : Time-Lag
Here's the highest compliment I can pay to Davenport: they're a bitch to write about. The only issue they really raise with me is "where can I get more?" This is churning primal drone fog ala Avarus or Sunburned Hand Of the Man with the ecstatic imperative of Vibracathedral Orchestra. In case you were wondering, I like it more than VO and less than SHOTM. I guess it's "difficult", with it's lightly edited 10+ minute jams and its skronky free-noise nature, but it isn't. It can get abrasive but there's no abrasion to it, shit just gets intense, like it should. I feel like saying ear-candy exists at all levels of music appreciation, but it sounds less and less like well-crafted product each time I hear it, and more like a plausible template, a punk rock ideal of eternal music that's within anyone's reach. They don't even have to be as "out" as Jan Anderzen and John Moloney's crews can get, they've just gotta be a little bit bent and a whole lot stoned.


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