Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wolf Eyes & Double Leopards cs : Heavy Tapes
Nice slice from these underground noise all-stars. While everything grows and shifts organically, the sound itself is cold and mechanical, a hunk of technological waste, drifting ever deeper into endless space. Some of Wolf Eyes most zoned improv pulsates beneath Double Leopards' sheets of drone, and the result is both bleakly minimal and brilliantly psychedelic. When the time is right, the threat emerges and the proceedings gain an eery power. The floating detritus seems to be awake, like HAL's autistic brother, receiving transmissions long thought to be lost, decayed by age and distance. I heard from the mouth of Olson himself that these guys and gals wanna jam again, so let's hope this is just a taste of things to come, and maybe I can get myself a copy next time round. And on a related note...
Double Leopards : A Hole is True : Troubleman Unlimited
Upon listening to Double Leopards newest, I'm thinking it's the harsher more varied companion to Out of One, Through one and To One's subtle might. Might be their most overwhelming offering yet. Hoo-boy am I feeling this one.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

eyes and arms of smoke - pioneers of sleep
kemialliset ystavat - suurempi pieni palatsi / track 3
prurient - sorry robin
the germs - we must bleed
mouthus - this is my snow
the dead c - world
wooden wand & the vanishing voice - spear of destiny
sword heaven - we of the fucking mountains
neil campbell & decaer pinga - strobelights to boston / track 2
kemialliset ystavat - jewelled antler library #11 / track 2
vibracathedral orchestra, laukeaht lampaat, chris corsano and paul flaherty - when the world...
mv / ee - parasol meets the bag plague

some floating mist, some demented drift, some jarring skullfuck
pure smoke, i would hope
makes me want to start all over again