Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Eclipse package
Got a package from Ed Hardy today:
Wolf Eyes : Slam Section cs : Fag Tapes
V/A : Super Street 5 - I Want You to Kill Me cs : Fag Tapes
Aaron Dilloway : Heavy cs : Heavy Tapes
Wolf Eyes / Prurient : The Warriors cd : Hospital Productions
Birchville Cat Motel : With Maples Ablaze cd : Scarcelight Recordings

Just listening to the tapes / recording to minidisc. I downloaded the Street Freaks comp a while back, and I've been jonesing for the Super Street comp ever since. Pengo! Twisted psych-noise with Steve Albini just jamming out some Velvets/Floyd madness. Well, not really, but it's power/psych/doom or something, so freak out already. The Odd Clouds opener is monstrous also, horn damage and power drones swelling into some scary shapes. Heard much ballyhoo bout Raven Strain, and I can't say it gripped me, but I just got the damn thing, right? Fag Tapes = crude, start to finish. The sounds, the recording, the packaging, it's some of the most convinvingly bent stuff going. The Wolf Eyes tape takes the Sub Pop supastarz and puts them back in the grimy, sweat-dripping, mildewed basement, where they belong (but really it's at some club.) Now I have to see if I can get my hands on Super Street 6. Graveyards, Dillo and Roxanne Jean Polise, yeeah.
Dillo's tape is the first Heavy Tape I've gotten my hands on, (tapes!!!) and I can see why they're so coveted. I've been peeping Maya Miller's art at the website for a while now, but to hold this psych gross-out in my hands is something else. The post Wolf Eyes travelogue blow-out is migh-tee nice, too. Scribble sounds hint at something lurking beneath, before getting caught in a loop and blind-sided by a hurricane. Then things really get started. Field recordings and power electronics meld into something else entirely, and it might be heavy, but it's a relaxing kind of heavy.
I'll probably post on the other two once they've been absorbed and vomited up. Shit, it's almost 3pm, I should probably make some breakfast.


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