Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mp3zzz 2 : Classik Metal
While dude at Aversionline has definitely been doing his part to disseminate mp3s from all over metal and hardcore's history and present, his encyclopedic knowledge of the genres has him championing all kinds of obscure stuff. I'll admit I'm coming to the game pretty late, but maybe my scant knowledge can help me shine a light on some more obvious picks. But don't worry, this'll be the only Metallica mp3 ever.

bathory - equimanthorn
From Under the Sign of the Black Mark. Quorthon was an early champion for a type of metal that didn't give a fuck about recording quality or "skill," just impassioned expression of dark, dark feelings. After others started following his lead, it got called Black Metal, and most of us are familiar with the chaos that ensued, but this vicious track is as good an example as I've heard. The solo at the end warms my noise lovin' heart.
metallica - for whom the bell tolls
That offer to remove any mp3s as requested extends to the RIAA too. In the mean time, this is about as good as it gets. Having first been exposed to Lars and co. through the "Black Album" (I slow danced to Enter Sandman in grade 7), I never cared too much about Metallica. My friend Tom got me heavily into Master of Puppets, but I was under the impression that that album was some sort of an anomaly. I think I read that from Thurston Moore somewhere(so he's been known to misguide).
Of course now they're just Napster hating corporate whores who everyone loves to heap disdain on. Amazing that they've finally lost sight that they built their name on tape-trading and sheer love of the metal. Many seem to share the opinion that it's too bad that it wasn't Lars that fell under the bus.
Ride the Lightning isn't lo-fi by any means, but it ain't no fuckin Bob Rock production either. Metallica went into the studio with the knowledge of how they WANTED to sound, and they made sure they sounded that way. Their pummeling chug delivered hooks the size of Everest. Hard to believe they were still looking for a vocalist with a King Diamond style high pitch wail at the time, Hetfield's gruff delivery was at it's best. Time mar-ches on! If you're wondering why Metallica never wrote songs as concise and powerful as their career trudged on, I'll give you two words: Cliff Burton. Dude's a deity.


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