Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hey hey hey. Gots myself some webspace, there's gonna be mp3 posts now and again. If any artists or labels don't want these up here, e-mail me: dave23xyz at hotmail dot com. Yeah, that's the e-mail.

Also, check the bummer haze: whalley

the dead c - sky
The "cleaner" version from Harsh 70s Reality. The Dead C hit the same poetically blasted mainline that Sonic Youth used to.
wooden wand & the vanishing voice - effigies in dread
In the flurry of truly great WWVV material coming out these days, I'd hate to see this gem go unnoticed. One of their greatest melds of James Toth's song writing and the bands improvisational drift, it's probly my second favourite "song" of theirs, next to Counterfeit Kingdom.


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