Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mouthus : The Long Salt : Important
Mouthus start this new one off by letting you know that this isn't going be anywear near as controlled as their instant classic Troubleman album Slow Globes. It isn't a return to the caustic squall of Loam either, it's like they're just letting loose, unleashing every element of their sound in a full force gale. Like everything they do, it's essential, like some ritual from a fog world of unknown origins.
The drumming's at its most varied, settling into some pretty Krauty grooves while maintaining their shambling logic. It's possible to think that these guys could team any sound with their rhythms and it would be hypnotic, but it's their constantly unfurling haze of sound that defines them. Besides, their creation is so symbiotic, no one element can be separated out amidst the clouds. Just this time around it grows real fucking huge, like the mountains of psych last explored on Black Dice's Beaches and Canyons. Yeah, it's Beaches and Canyons as performed by the Dead C with the offspring of Rashied Ali and Jaki Liebezeit playing drums after huffing paint. It could happen. It should happen. It did happen. And I actually just wrote that. Huzzah to me.
Their cd-r release Told by the Water kicks some serious dust also, so here's a track. Kill city shit yall:
mouthus - told by the water track 2