Friday, April 21, 2006

So no more fucking mailorder till I get a P.O. box situation sorted out. Basically, my apartment building is shitty, (some) mail carriers are stupid, and I've been trying to get a package from Fusetron for months. It's got the Glass Organ tape on Tone Filth, Dead C's Trapdoor Fucking Exit, Blood Stereo's Live at Sonic Protest, and I think something else but I can't even fucking remember anymore. I'm sure it's all evaporated into the ether by now, it's been flown around the continent so much.
So now I'll just review a bunch of stuff I downloaded:
Yellow Swans : Psychic Secession
A new version of this should be out on Load by now, which is great, cause it's about as much of a trip as Live During War Crimes, but sounds a lot more like a statement. Their politics have aligned with their sound. No longer content to just let you know that they don't like George W. Bush, they're leading us all to their autonomous mental state. Get off our land!
After True Union's 20 minute journey, somebody sings, Bowie style, but don't ask me who. Inca Ore and Tom Carter are on here somewhere. Later on, some rhythms show up, sounding like a drum circle at a Nine Inch Nails concert, but really great. This one will floss the parts of your brain the other shit wasn't getting to.
Ex-Cocaine : Keep America Mellow
So this has Ramirez, who used to be in Universal Indians with Olson before he was in Wolf Eyes, but apparently those seshes were so smoked out neither of them remember, and he might've forgotten about this one too, but I won't. From pure delayed blues noodling to some smooth bongofied flange jams, makes me want to make breakfast any time of the day. Then Jandek and the Dead C show up and tweak my skull while killing my appetite. Maybe if I order a pizza I'll be hungry again by the time it gets here.
Air Conditioning : Weakness
Pissed Jeans : Shallow
And here I am, way the fuck behind on this whole Allentown thing. Sub Pop found out about Pissed Jeans before I did, and I just found out Black Eyes Peas' Fergie pissed her own jeans during a performance. She's totally our generation's GG Allin. Or maybe she's a mildly retarded plastic surgery disaster. Either way.
As for Sub Pop, we'll just pretend like they released nothing between Mudhoney's Superfuzz Bigmuff and whatever the Jeans throw their way. All the Flipper references are definitely warranted, plus other stuff I need to delve into, like Drunks with Guns and Halo of Flies. It's pure, squally, ugly grunt rock fun, and they do it well enough that my "retro annoyance" alarm doesn't seem to get set off. Well, maybe I just like these influences best. Check the piano at the end of Ugly Twin, classy.
Still, the real story here, and it ain't nowhere near as 'rags to riches,' is Air Conditioning. I would recommend Sightings check these guys out, and not whatever arch, airless shit they listened to prior to Arrived in Gold. Ugly jam rock completely BLOWN OUT by feedback, static, and whatever other sonic assault these boys can muster, and brother, these boys can muster. Like you can barely tune in the station, so you turn the volume way up, and it's dudes spewing neanderthal guzz in someone's basement with the dryer running and a few fans on. I don't know, can something be both highly psychedelic and incredibly sobering? Huzzah to finding ever worse ways to record things in this digital age. I'm willing to throw a lot of money into R&D for that.