Thursday, May 25, 2006

If you're Canadian, I hope you know what Brave New Waves is. If you're from elsewhere, try the interweb. I was typing to someone about it and remembered that I'd heard Wolf Eyes for the first time on this late night program, being interviewed just after they'd played the DEMF, post Sub Pop deal but pre-Burned Mind. I was interested because of the Black Dice connection (Black Dice were good at the time). Dudes cracked me up, especially Olson's repeated references to being a "rat kid," and the music peeled my head back, like that Maxell commercial but with tentacles and shit. So I went to the BNW site, and turns out it's archived on there. Noice! One thing that stood out this time around was Patti Schmidt asking them why sub-underground noise was starting to get attention. They basically said that all these freaks had been doing what they were doing for a while, travelling amongst their own circles, and now they're actually starting to become quite good at the forms they've pioneered. The obvious example was Lightning Bolt. I think it's true, and all the young'ns they've inspired are coming into their own as well. Just wanted to say that. Hooray for music. Hooray for weirdoes. Hooray.
Just scroll through the interviews. You can listen to the other ones too. If you want.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wolf Eyes : River Slaughter : Hospital Productions
I get off work at eleven pm these days and usually get home some time around twelve. I think I've listened to this album every night after work this week. Rather than to comment on my largely eventless existence, I bring this up to highlight the true radness of these here four sides. See the river takes you away, and then you get slaughtered. It's like going down a waterslide until you spot the grinding saw that you're rapidly approaching, except over and over again. I don't know.
If you've seen them on tour with the kid or on the Live in a Boat dvd, you might remember that there were pretty vicious renditions of Burned Mind standards, along with spacious spook jams. If you liked those jams you'll like these slabs, and even if you didn't like those jams you might like these slabs, as this stuff sits well in the home environment, especially if you're staying up way too late and sweating in a vinyl chair.
After the Deranged cdr and the Prurient split, I was a little worried that they were settling for interesting rather than great, and then they drop this. Back in bleek, back in black. Hospital!!! I will accept donations of the Magik Markers one-sided lp, the Death Unit lp and any Prurient tapes. Really, I will.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Avarus : Vesikansi : Secret Eye / Lal Lal Lal
Stoned dudes fucking around. Ever have someone ask you what your genre was? It always pissed me off. I liked to think I listened to music that surpassed its genre or completely disregarded it, but I think I've found mine. You see, the thing about stoned dudes fucking around is that they tend to forget about structure. There could be some excellent musicianship on display, but when all the borders start to blur and pure sound begins to spew forth, I'm right there. And Avarus are somewhere sort of off to the left.
I googled this album for reviews and all I found was some mail order thing saying they could never be psychedelic because they didn't know how to play their instruments. Well, from experience I can tell you that Avarus are one of the most psychedelic bands around, and they play their instruments like noone I've ever heard. They're a bunch of art-punks living out of Finnish dumpsters and they've found some way to devolve their playing into this primal stew, this swelling clang and clatter. Some of this stuff sounds a bit Sunburned Hand-y, but for my dollar it's Avarus. Sonic invention always abounds and the near constant droney haze binds it all together.
These are some nice long tracks. I thinks it's all from one live set. Tara Burke (Fursaxa) shows up for the last one and it's a doozy I tells ya. I like.