Friday, August 18, 2006

So my home computing base is officially dead for the time being. The best anyone can expect is speed posts from the library. This means a couple of things: I probably won't have the sounds blasting my ears as I write of them, and I probably won't be under any kind of influence. See what kind of buzz I can maintain off fluorescent lighting and shitty coffee.
Got a package from Hanson a little while back:

Prurient : History of Aids CD
Pengo : The Cosmology of Broken Saints CDR
Sick Llama : Alien Facial 3 CS
Afternoon Penis : In the Evening CS
Super Street 8 : Nervous Downer
Barf Thoth : Peep Roky

Obviously I'm a little fixated on the Fag Tapes front these days, and Stoned Heath has yet to disappoint me, which, given the limitations of mail-order, is kind of a necessity. I know my instant-gratification buying habits (and living habits) are fundamentally flawed, but, as they say, what the fuck. This Super Street set is particularly nice, starting slow with some drifty lo-fi Jessica Rylan and finishing off with another monster by Odd Clouds, with plenty of squally goo and audio pain sandwiched in between. Barf Thoth is near perfect, and the puke green paint job on the cassette is the same. As for Prurient, this one nearly quenchs my masochistic thirst. Much of Vancouver's noise scene falls into line with current king Sam McKinlay, aka The Rita, and if you spend any time with the misanthropes on iheartnoise, most of them do too. It's called the WALL of noise, a solid, impenetrable jagged thrust that sets the perfect balance between calming and aggravating while I'm lifting boxes for eight hours of my day. Still, when set along side the likes of Dominick Fernow, I have a hard time calling it truly abrasive. If you're interested in some serious sonic punishment, I've found little that tops it. If anyone has, lemme know. Also, if anyone has a cure for my addiction to adjectives, they should let me know about that too. In a frank, tasteful and timely manner. Ack. Oh yeah, all the other stuff is great, too. Fucking library.