Tuesday, October 31, 2006

So I's been checkin out this new Jason Lescalleet on zee frickin great Celebrate Psi Phenomenon label(To The Teeth it's called.) Probly just so I can give that Nmperign collab, which is every bit as massive and stunning as everyone says it is, a bit of a rest. And I'm glad I did. You know, John Wiese is great and everything, and I've pried much enjoyment from various sides of his, but the likeliness that I'm gonna return to that kind of ADD assault on a regular basis is fairly slim. I'm not calling out the emperor's new clothes or anything. I mean, I think he's actually pointing out new directions in composition and everything, and he'll probably get his full due when all is said and done, but for now, it might be more suited to someone who talks on their cell phone while railing Meth and watching picture-in-picture tv. If I like a sound, I don't mind if it sticks around for a while.
So this Lescalleet side sounds like Wiese without all the choppy-choppy. Grey-scale noise, perfectly arranged and monstrously heavy, along with things I'm quite fond of, like dynamics and progression. And it seems like, with this deluge of "noise" diarrhea spewing forth from all these, well, assholes, and whatever that does to any notions of talent or ability, the ear of the behearder is what's important. And Lescalleet has a mighty fine ear. Indeed.

If that seemed uninspired, I'm really just posting as an excuse to put up YouTube crap. Clearly I'm putting my free time to good use. Sorry I didn't have the patience to find some A-1 backyard wrestling clips.


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