Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Things to remember while listening to The Goslings' Grandeur of Hair:
-you are lost at sea.
-the meaning of time seems to be decaying.
-you remember what momma said bout those sirens, but they coo so sweet.
-in your periphery, you could swear you saw a bug, but when you look there's nothing there.
-how bad can the afterlife be?
-jellyfish in the moonlight.
-oh, the jellyfish in the moonlight.
-the visions are tests. you have to see reality for what it truly is.
-god is a prick.
-another bug. still nothing there.
-coloured lights emanate from deep beneath you, drifting and pulsing, already a memory as you see them. they'll be gone for long periods of time, but when they return, the tears just roll down your face.
-maybe those sirens don't give second chances.
-she was in that dream. you were happy just to make out with her.
-you may never see daylight again, and the prospect doesn't seem to bother you.


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