Friday, November 24, 2006

muluqen mellesse - hedetch alu
sebadoh - total peace
the shadow ring - lindus hologram
longmont potion castle - collette clitatouchie
jandek - come through with a smile
vertical slit - populatia defrequentia
leonard cohen - the partisan
smegma - madness mambo
longmont potion castle - lesbian mummy
alemayehu eshete - tereditchewalehu
daniel johnston - despair came knocking
guided by voices - weedking

other lissenins:
prurient - fossil
pig destroyer - painter of dead girls
genghis tron - dead mountain mouth
glass organ - s/t
butthole surfers - live pcppep
albert ayler - love cry
burning star core - three sisters who share an eye
poison idea - feel the darkness
tjolgtjar - the tjolgtjarian mass
richard pryor - that nigger's crazy


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