Sunday, November 12, 2006

Now, being a rowdy nerd in Math Honors 9, my two favourite things were The Offspring and Green Day. Yup, music video style. If it counts for anything, this is pre-"novelty rock" Offspring and pre-"concept video" Green Day. Anyways, my friend Dave, he would lend anyone who expressed an interest in "punk" a mixtape madefrom his brother's cd collection. So it made its way to me, and it was a lot of Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords stuff, lots of NOFX, leaned strangely heavy on Dave's Total Chaos obsession, probly just so peeps would think he was xtra tuff, and it ended with a song called "Underachiever's March And Fight Song" by a band called "Archers of Loaf." And I's like, "Music like this exists?"
Soon after I'd borrowed a tape of The Speed of Cattle, which is odds n sods, Peel Sessions, demo versions of Icky Mettle hitz, and it's the first time I remember listening to an album on headphones and just getting gone. Like, I was in a room with the tv on and my mom putting together a jigsaw puzzle but I just was not there. Graceland didn't come close.
He never got that tape back, and i just lost it a couple of years ago. And hearing it now, I'm glad it was the one. ("I'm glad it was you baby.") Most of it's pretty lost in the 3 Ds: dissonance, delay and lo-fi damage, and it somehow manages to be one of their more worthwhile collections of songs. It's certainly as close as I was getting to a Siltbreeze release at the time. And unlike, say, Vee Vee, none of the rockers are stilted. Matter fact, the playing tends toward the inspired, maybe somewhere betwixt Royal Trux and Polvo, while following J. Mascis on his slack quest for glory n nirvana. Like a tar thick summer day in that town, that indie rock town. You know, it was really important, like an indie rock burg of renown. Steve Malkmus would stride down the avenue while fresh faced girls in cardigans would smile from windows, hands clasped together. It was really important. Something.
As far as the newest in new newness goes, I've been listening to Dream/Aktion Unit's Blood Shadow Rampage, Flaherty, Corsano & Yeh's A Rock in the Snow and Vampire Can't's Key Cutter. I could hit myself in the head with a coffee mug and try and think up new ways to say "Chris Corsano is a mystical genius," but I think it's been done. Me too guys, me too.


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