Saturday, November 04, 2006

What's with these born agains? Yeah, I know this is supposedly a music blog, but I don't write no journal, so I'ma keep venting right here. Whiny existentialism for everyone. Nobody's putting a gun to your head anyways.
But really though. Doug Stanhope has made the point that there ought to be a law against teaching religion before the age of 18, because "if they didn't put that shit in your head while it was still soft, you know you wouldn't be buying it." Which makes perfect sense, but these born agains, they get a l'il bit depressed, and alla sudden they done found Jebus. He has scooped them up in his scrawny hippy arms and enriched their little lives. You just gotta hear about it.
Ol' Youth Pastor Harms (get a haircut), he brought his new squeeze to Sundy School, and she was just filled up with the spirit (and nothing else I guess.) We managed to argue her down to admitting that if some tribesman in South America had had but one opportunity in his life to accept Christ and hadn't taken it, he was surely going to hell. Just bask in the love of our Lord.
Still, Harms, he blew my mind this one time. Talking about Lennon's Imagine, he said, "So basically he's saying 'if everyone in the world agreed with the way I think, there'd be no war.'" Yes! And Boomers think that shit is deep.
So then everyone was sitting around saying how much they loved God, and I was like "Really?" And then I was talking about how "I know everything in the Bible is true, but when you read it it just seems like stories." And then I got laid. And it all took way too long, but I'm not winning any awards for efficient use of life anyways.
I was just watching Amando de Ossorio's Tombs of the Blind Dead, and I'm pretty convinced that Nate Young's Betrayor is an homage to it's soundtrack (and a greasy dollop of smoky goodness to boot.) Plus there's this scene where the lesbian and the swarthy guy (read: Spaniard) go to identify their friend's body, and the morgue worker just stands there grinning at them like a creep before he tears the sheet back. Many yucks were had.
This is a pretty interesting Harry Pussy self-interview. Best part is the ending:

Bill: Ok, let me tell you about a dream that I have. It's a recurring dream that I've had throughout my life. And this will probably give some insight into the band. I have this dream that I'm being chased by a really large angry mob of people and I'm running away laughing.
Adris: That's it. That describes us perfectly. How do you feel about that dream though?
Bill: It's a good dream for me, cause I always wake up feeling really happy. Cause I don't get caught, I escape.
Adris: So you feel like you're getting away with something, when you're playing.
Bill: I feel like I'm just....getting away.

I've got two new tracks up on the space of me. (Whalley) Well, one new track and one chopped and screwed track from 5+ years ago. Get stoned.


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