Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Heather Leigh : Jailhouse Rock : Fag Tapes

Goddamn, leave it to the pros. Cause that's what she is, y'know. I'm convinced. And I wasn't always. Heather Leigh Murray was just one of those names that would pop up in all the right places: playing with Charalambides, side projects up the hoo-ha, snugglin up to Dave Keenan. What'd I know? I certainly wasn't about to level an accusation at her, one way or another. (oop, peeps don't wanna hear about 'issues') I just followed my interests and figured if I ever crossed paths with something bearing her name alone, the proof would be in the proverbial pudding. And lordy lordy my, is it ever.
If some great rock floats in the air midst the mountains of Double Leopards, MV/EE and The Skaters, tis surely psychedelic Asgard, and Heather Leigh straddles its wind carved peaks and casts a howl out into the void. I mean, it's a fuckin trip, bud. And unlike, say, the aforementioned pair of felines, (quit it. just fucking quit it.) no sense of drifting aimlessness kills the kicks. However much she's improvised, these are side-long compositions, moving forwards with purpose and gaining power without simply gaining power, if that makes sense. I mean, it might be on a tape and everything, but there's certainly a lot more going on than just turning on the vacuum. The lady's a pro.

Been trying my hand at a podcast. Don't know why, it's nothing anybody couldn't do with a handful of CDs and a broadband connection. But I guess there's a certain mood that I'm not finding anywhere else. Plus it's not boring, so it's got that going for it. Maybe I'll hook up a mic and you can hear the voice of Black Bolt. Check it out. C'mon.
woundedgalaxy podcast


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