Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm currently in the thrall of two nostalgic obsession, and Google is doing nothing to help me with them. I guess they lack what's called "internet presence."
One's an anonymous Guided by Voices song. The first two GBV songs I ever heard were non-album free downloads off some long defunct website, one of which was a live version of "Wished I Was a Giant," while the other floored me. I listened to it over und over and never heard anything Pollard-penned that I liked as much, but all I can remember about it is that there might have been a lyric about a factory. It was bouncy, in a "Kicker of Elves" sort of way. Or not. I even looked through what was supposedly a list of every GBV song ever, in the hopes that some name would ring a bell, knowing full well what kind of haystack of futility random GBV song titles made. Something would catch my eye and I'd ponder it for a while and realise it was off Alien Lanes.
The other is a music video I saw on a Wedge Halloween special many years back. The Wedge is Muchmusic's "alt" show, which currently showcases Arctic Monkeys, White Stripes and electro videos, but was genuinely esoteric in the Sook-Yin Lee erra. This special was notable for two videos that genuinely creeped me out, one being the first time I saw the now ubiquitous "Come to Daddy" video, and the other which I'm almost certain was for a Third Eye Foundation song. It was at some sort of outdoor altar, but on a set (who does this anymore, apart from Guy Maddin? on location is boring.) with a few religious figures of vaguely Middle Eastern origin, maybe Jewish, but like an "old weird" Jewish, moving around at weird speeds or backwards or something. It's probly nowhere near as gone-zo as I recall, but there's nothing on YouTube, and actually no mention of any Third Eye Foundation music video on the internet, apart from short films Matt Elliott has soundtracked.
I kind of have a similar feeling to when I go shopping with a certain style of jacket or shoe in mind and can't find it anywhere. I'd like to advise the local business peoples that I have money which I'd gladly give to them, they just have to provide me with what I want. It always seems so clear cut. Except now I have no money and noone has any real reason to help me, apart from the possibility that this stuff might be good, but in reality will probly just give me a nostalgic half-mast for about five minutes. Whatever. Sorry for wasting your time.
Back's all good.

siege : drop dead
deep wound ep
sebadoh : the freed weed
dead c / hi god people split
aaron dilloway : since he's been gone
magik markers : the voldoror dance
his hero is gone : monuments to thieves
tragedy : vengeance
pan sonic : kulma
showers : live in rats eyes
death unit : infinite death
adolescents : s/t


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