Monday, February 26, 2007

When I'm not bum rushing the three o'clock showing of Norbit in my boxers, I listen to:

Aaron Dilloway : Since He's Been Gone c60 : Fag Tapes
At his best, Dillo's all about the garbage sounds presented in crystal clarity. And I'd say this is Dillo at his best. The A starts out with shifting cassette loops, kinda like an AM radio Philip Jeck, before things start getting run through the effects meat grinder. Then he just brings the goods, striking the perfect balance between repetition and, uh, not repetition. There's a part at the end of the first side where a Chan Marshall-esque vocal floats over some fuzzy-guzzy, somehow chopped to maintain the phrasing but cleave the words of all meaning. It's a brief glimpse of something. Something right midst a whole lotta wrong. A loving neck rub oasis midst a desert of copped feels. Then things twist ever so slightly and it all gets a bit deranged. Sound familiar?

Flower-Corsano Duo : The Radiant Mirror : Textile
I think I saw him referred to as Christ Corsano. That's it, sweet Rapture's a comin! Look for me, I'll be waving down at you all as I get Raptured up, grinnin like a sumbitch.
You can see the appeal. It's like the Christian version of, "They'll all be sorry when I kill myself." "Ha ha, fuckers!" WOOOOOOOOSSSHHHH.
In all serioosness, this is like the very peak of Marquee Moon, when you stand in your most magnificent air guitar pose and make little trilling noises like "beeyoo-beeyoo" and "wadaleep-wadaleep," but for 40 minutes.... ON ACID!!!!

Pink Reason : Cleaning the Mirror : Siltbreeze
But for the most part, things are kind of a drag. Am I right? I mean if you've got yourself set up with good food, good wine and good women, (or a popcorn bowl full of pills and a stack of Royal Trux cds) more power to ya, but I can't say I'm really a fan of the whole life thing, at least unmitigated. So Kevin DeBroux's here, and he's got a whole world of weeping willows and fog-shrouded moonlight for you to get all fetal in. Really, it's a whole world of achey sound, and it'll melt down your whole puffed up nothing shit. Make it all seem far, far away. Amazing. Beautiful. Dare I say perfect.
5 out of 5. Highest recommendation. All that.


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