Monday, March 26, 2007

Dear God,

It's me, David. What should I write about, God? Should I write about how I've been listening to a lot of Axolotl and remembering how much I liked that collab he/they did with Mouthus, and the one with Yellow Swans and Gerritt? Should I say Memory Theatre is like that Tim Hecker stuff but better cause it's more organical and less precise and shit? Huh? Or should I write an angsty diatribe detailing my daydream about re-enacting Pettibon's Police Story art on public transit?
Should I write about how I capitalise your name, like I would Santa Claus ot the Cookie Monster, and not something real like water or jock itch? Huh, God? Or maybe something about Blood Lightning, the new Burning Star Core, and how great it is, cause, like, it might be both his most varied and his most cohesive work? With a smokin live track at the end? Should I say I'm happy that it's a good mix of all the different stuff he does, and doesn't focus too much on gargling or whatever? (and then maybe put something in brackets afterwards like "of course, I listen to the 13th Floor Elevators and wish they'd can it with the fucking jug already, so don't listen to me?")
Or should I blow up and be all, "I hate writing without drugs. I'm done with this stupid blog. Go read Rettman or Dolman or Keenan or Lax, then you'll know what I'm gonna be into a full month in advance?" Could I say I heard the promo for El-P's I'll Sleep When You're Dead, and it's actually kinda really good, and not the Dan the Automator soggy biscuit its list of guest starz makes it look like? Should I say End to End Burners was the first 12" I bought and The Cold Vein is in my top ten albums of ever, and now dude goes and drops an emo-prog-hop masterpiece after I'd almost forgot about him? And no, God, I don't say masterpiece too much. I actually use it quite sparingly. Know it all.
Oh, God. Maybe I'm just being silly. It's nice that we can talk like this. I guess I'll catch you on the flip-flop, big guy,


p.s. I hope you get AIDS.