Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's far too easy for me to forget how many great rock bands Vancouver has. When you're getting bowled over by the likes of Prurient or Digital Mystikz, the appeal of largely trad music kinda falls by the wayside. Maybe I've just strayed too far from wandering puddle and junkie covered streets to drink cheap but oddly flavoured draft beer from places like The Astoria and Ms. T's(R.I.P.). Something about Black Mountain or Goatsblood or S.T.R.E.E.T.S. or Pride Tiger or Ladyhawk just sounds so right in a room with a couple yuppies, a bunch of closet fags, a few stray jocks and a handful of genuine, nice alcoholics. Plus, all the above (bands) make some of the most well crafted, passionately performed genre music around. And I know that's about as backhanded as compliments get, but what can I do.
Anyways, I've quietly enjoyed Ladyhawk's S/T album since it came out. Great songs, great lyrics, powerful rhythm section, all despite my personal reference points of Dinosaur Jr. and Neil Young being undermined by the band's professed love of Magnolia Electric Co. But I'm an ass, and as Paul F. Tompkins sez, it's best to judge in silence. So, real solid alb, albeit with strangeness and substance use/abuse kept too in check by far.
But, as I haven't been known to say, now is now, and a "beyond their years" world weariness and abrasion that I'd like to attribute to Vancouver living bleeds all over the Fight for Anarchy EP, the glorious bebearded shamble that it is. And seriously, if you only hear the gaffes, you've missed the point of Rock and Roll, and likely found a home at your American Apparel billboard slash webzine. And if all I can do is whine about how it's "been done", I've missed the point of music, and my savage soul deserves no such soothing. But if you want know whether Ladyhawk's newfound experimentalism is working (or if you don't, fuckface), just compare Anarchy's Red Teeth to its sprawling but ineffective album equivalent, Long 'Til The Morning. Definitely the right direction. Most definitely. Mayhaps even greater things to come, but I'll be a-swaying to this mess in the meanwhiles.


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