Sunday, June 03, 2007

I don't know why I still Google album reviews. I mean, I know who the people I enjoy reading reviews from are. (To the right. Cheggem oot.) I know I'll just get angry, but it's kinda fun, I guess.
Like, Pissed Jeans finally have a full length out on Sub Pop, so there's bound to be some interesting completely off-base opinions out there. Like the one guy who figured they must be total low lifes who start bar fights and steal change out of people's cars. And yeah, I understand that's meant as an amusing way to describe the Jeans' scummy sounds, but it's important to note that the guys behind those sounds are the nice, normal guys. The dude described would only get on stage to boogie about his "love rocket," and only as a shortcut to more pussy. This kind of audio squalor can only be vented out of people with fairly stable backgrounds. That dude doesn't keep anything held in, so nothing's gonna build to this point. If he sees a jogger, his thoughts don't move far beyond "You think you're better than me?" He doesn't see all his options and everything he's supposed to aspire to laid out before him, trying to crush him, trying to break his will.
But Pissed Jeans deserve to be on Sub Pop, cause they're one of the more talented bands around, they just choose to mine a seam of ugliness that a lot of people can't seem to fathom. And I'm not saying they're better than Flipper, but they are heavier than Flipper. They're heavier than Drunks With Guns. They're heavier than the entire AmRep catalogue wrapped in lead and dropped off the Empire State Building. Alright, I'm not saying they're heavier than Unsane, but they are better than Unsane. And even if you hear the riff on "Fantasy World" and think, "What is this, something off Meantime?" the vocal are what carries it. (I keep thinking he's saying "in my fancy world." I don't know why I find that so amusing.) So yeah, this isn't as solid a batch of tunes as Shallow, but it's different and it's great, so you can count me in.
Oh shit, and it's called Hope For Men. Kinda lika "Chicken Soup for the Fucked Up Soul."


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