Saturday, June 30, 2007

Last I heard from these Religious Knives (now I'm on some "pro" shit) folk was on some split with the Greh sonics. If memory serves, it sounded kinda like Excepter by way of Suicide, i.e. it sounded kinda like Excepter. In the flurry of side-projects and collabs, it was kinda like, "Oh neat, it isn't just Double Leopards drones with less people." But as of the now, shit is, as the young folk say, going off. First, No Fun re-released a batch from what I'll call the Nate Nelson (of Mouthus and Mid-Day Dong infame) erra on the Remains CD. Now drones, Eastern-y melodies, wasted vocals and hypno-rhythms are all increasingly familiar musical elements, but these proceedings are so laden with, to borrow a phrase, heavy atmosphere (I like to call it "bummer haze"), the spell is still cast as intended. Pungent is really the best word I can think of. While the White Rock stuff was great cause it effectively mixed Double Leopards and Mouthus' sounds, Religious Knives are remarkable cause they take the talents involved and do something different.
So now they've added Tom Carvallo on bass and are acting more and more like a "band" with "songs." The more I listen to Luck, the A-side off the new Heavy Tapes 12", the more it sounds about 12 bong hits removed from something off Springsteen's Nebraska or somesuch. Of course, the B-side is a drone rock meets No Wave whirlpool, so I don't know what the fuck. I've only heard but snippets from the Troubleman 12", but the A sounds like an even more formful blast of drone punk, while the B is pure psych-drift gorgeosity with Samara Lubelski a-sawin away. And this is all apprently a prelude to a new full length. Colour me excited. (And Badd.)


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i can't believe someone reads my blog. and someone who writes well at that. man, new discoveries

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