Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The temptation to prattle on endlessly about contexts and ramifications is ever present, but I resist. There are too many ideas. We are choked with ideas. So what. Whoever molds reality best wins? Did you think you were gonna figure it out? Honestly? Goodness is there for the enjoying, so enjoy, cause the world doesn't stop. It wants you dead, but it doesn't have the balls to admit it.

Here's the new format. For this post.

-Box of Dub. This is not important because Soul Jazz invented Dubstep, but only because there are new tracks from Kode9 and Burial. Magnetic City ranks among my more favourite Kode9 tracks, partly cause it bops along without trying to reinvent the wheel, but mostly cause that synth he's been tooling around with is starting to burble and curl in rather lurvly ways. Combined with the Melodica, they form like Voltron, who then decides to dance a jig on Michael Bay's future grave.
Along with the Ghost Hardware E.P., Unite makes four new Burial tracks. He seems to be focusing more on vocals, and these tracks might not be as deep as his (already) classic shit, but they're still better than your haircut.

-Finally checked out The Wire. After I stopped trying to figure out how David Stubbs was involved, it made me totally forget that I hate all shows involving police or some form of policing. No, it's not the "best show ever," but after Season 1, I can honestly say I've never been more enamoured with faggot ass gangstas. Never.

-New Pig Destroyer, Phantom Limb. Not that I need another reason to clench up and madly sway about, but PD remain one of my favourites. There's probly nothing I can say in their favour that wouldn't reek of hyperbole. If you already love them, you know. They don't disappoint.

-Capicollo and Sourdough. It's all about the simple things. For now. It's actually all about getting blown, but, for now, it's all about the simple things.


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