Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I's just 'Googling about' for info on the latest Yaala Yaala release, Daouda Dembele, and stumbled across Awesome Tapes From Africa, which should be re-named Fuckin Crazy Ass Tapes From Africa. Turns out it's not that much of a discovery, dudes hosting the WFMU Listener Hour this Saturday, but I ain't exactly Tony Wilson. (R.I.P.)
I'm not so down with some of the pop stuff, keeps pointing out just how much my young mind was poisoned by Graceland, but there's a wealth of stuff on here. Just download that Kandja Kouyate tape right now. Trust me. I know it gets said a lot, (Not by me, last time I said it was when I heard Slick Rick's Children's Story on six hits of acid.) but I really wouldn't mind if this tape just went on for forever. If everyone could just shut the fuck up for an hour out of the day while I listened to this, my mental state would probly be muchly improved.
Well, improved.


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