Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Almost old news:
Mary Anne Hobbs played a 15 minute preview mix by Kode 9 of the new Burial album on her show last week. It's still available, but not for very long. If you're real sly-like, MP3s are starting to float around the usual channels. I ain't holdin noones hand.
It's pretty much the ultimate teaser: 17 tracks in 15 minutes. If you enjoy laying back in a Burial track as much as I do, the brevity hear would be near infuriating, if it weren't so goddamn exciting. If it all plays out like it is up in my head, slumping inna sophomore stylee is no issue. I think it's better. Than everything. Whatever your definition of "soulful" (whatever) sample based music, from Massive Attack to Theo Parrish to J Dilla to everything in between, Burial is better. The fuckin best.
Hey, Ms. Hobbs' hyperbole might be embarassing, but mine ain't far behind. Here's to enjoying shit to an embarassing extent.


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