Monday, October 15, 2007

I could update more often, but would anybody really care if every once in a while I said, "Yes, all the new Siltbreeze releases are very good." Does anyone care what I think about Kanye West or Radiohead? I don't care what I think about Kanye West or Radiohead.

No, that's not true.

I really like the new Magik Markers. I don't think I've become some fanboy who'll just rubber stamp anything they do. I mean, I don't care for any of Pete Nolan's side projects. Yes, it's quite Sonic Youth-y, but it's like the Sonic Youth I'd like more things to be like, y'know?
I got really angry after reading that Stylus review, but I've got no interest in becoming some kind of meta critic critic. The lefty bloggers do it for the media, but that shit's actually important.

More Emeralds goodness on the Ledges CDR. Their trick bag is deep. Keep a-diggin, boyos.

Apart from Hyperdub and that Gatekeeper 12", I figure Dubstep's been in a minor drought, but Pinch and Burial are both dropping new full lengths real Sunni. Hopefully they're not Shiite. Haha, see what I did? Topical.

Mmm, that new Sunn O))) album is more of the same, except for the first track, Belurol Pusztit, which is something else, and pretty damn great.

Rhythm & Sound : S/T
Nurse With Wound : Spiral Insana
Corrupted : Vasana 7"
Corrupted : An Island Insane 7"
AMM : The Crypt
Cluster : Zuckerzeit
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