Thursday, February 21, 2008

We Just Think We Better

I may've been prattling on about "the best" this n that as of late, but I really wish I'd gone with "my favourite" as the term of choice. "The best" is a term for those brosephs who want to fit everything into a homogenized canon, usually of only the most tooth achin-est of confections. The whole reason the question "Beatles or Stones?" ever existed was cause you were allowed to answer "the fuckin Stones."
Which reminds me, if one were to ask me "Psychedelic Horseshit or Times New Viking?" I'd answer "Sic fuckin Alps." I'm just sayin.
Now, if you'd asked me about Wolfgang Voigt's Gas project a couple months ago, I'd say he did that Pop album, which seems to be beloved by folks who like all that Pop Ambient fluff (oh, I've tried), but if you asked me now, I'd probly get all wide eyed and go off about his two previous albums, Zauberberg and Konigsforst, followed by some fruity nonsense about being lost at night in a German forest.
Also, Re-Up Gang's We Got it 4 Cheap Vol. 3. Something about dudes who've upwardly mobilized and yet never lost that chip on their shoulder makes me very happy, specially while I sit here with my fingers crossed, hoping that the first words in Obama's inaugural speech are "Y'all done fucked up now."


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