Friday, March 21, 2008

As is a regular tradition of mine, a couple albums that I wrote off after cursory listens have become favoured regulars when the hallowed hour(s) of (g)listenin draw(s) nigh.*
The first of these is the now ubiquitous Deepchord presents Echospace : The Coldest Season. Fortunately there's a press kit's worth of descriptors right there in the title, so that'll save us some time. Hard to pinpoint my initial reaction, but I remember thinking, "I guess it's wintery because everything's slathered in wooshy wind noises." In case it doesn't come across, I'll let you know that that particular internal monologue was slathered in dismissiveness. But this is neither hither nor thither, cause the point is that I'm dumb. It would take only one playthrough whilst applying the principles of "deep listening"** to be awed by the depth of this sound world. There are a great many meticulously arranged wooshy wind noises, and the dub techno backbone is an especially lush one. I decided to check out some Deepchord twelves, from back when it was a label and not just a presenter, and it's all lush, top quality stuff. Here's my listening recommendation: run a bath, light a candle, stick a finger up your ass.
The other one is Mammal's Lonesome Drifter. It only took me one sonic glimpse to feel like this mix of sounds and moods was aimed far too squarely at me, and, for whatever reason, not care for being pandered to like that. I should note that I never made it to Cremation, which is worth the price of admission all by its drifting lonesome.

Gandalf : S/T
The Walking Dead
Seijun Suzuki
The Goslings : Occasion
Nick Swardson : Party

*If you're wondering how a line like "hallowed hour(s) of (g)listenin" comes to be, it involves me rolling around with a physical pen and paper for about an hour, while scrawling out and scribbling over about five different references to my cock. I'm sure we can all agree: time well spent.
**As described in issue 243 of The Wire. No, not really.


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