Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Humbuggery afoot

Well, we (I) did it. Another episode of "The Most Won-der-ful Time of the Year" has passed, this one relatively uneventful. I don't know if this is a sign of things actually getting better or me just getting better at building a bubble around myself. Actually, I do know. You probly do too.

But wait! Starting this January, I'll be starring in the indie darling film, "Back 2 Skewl 2: Tha Sickening." Actually, I'm writing, directing and starring in it, but these things always end up being collaborative pieces, so who the fuck knows. Don't ask me how I secured the funding, but stay tuned for details of how I fuck it all up. Hell, not to be some naive Pollyanna, but maybe I won't.

I haven't really been listening to a whole lot of new music this last year, but I have in the last month, probly cause I was thinking about "End ov Year '08: Tha List-ening," and there was mo' betta blues than I thought. I'd actually rank the new Dead C among my favourites. Like real gorgeous and whatnot. Like, say I get the itch to lay back and luxuriate in some languorous melancholy, it has a pretty good chance of getting the call up.

Blues Control put out a new 7" for them Sub Pop Singles that's well worth anyones 8 minutes, even mine, and I'm what's known as a "captain of apathy."

Hey, people seemed to really like Philip Jeck's Sand, which is disconcerting, cause I love Philip Jeck, and I didn't much care for it. I always thought that what elevated him above the rest of the Moody Vybez Krew was that the sounds that emerged out of his process were always distinct, something that can't be said for all the gobs of crumbling digitalia floating around out there, but most everything on Sand sounds indistinct and flange-y. I much preferred "Suite. Live in Liverpool," which sounds like his older stuff. Sorry, President-Elect Balack Obongo, change isn't always the answer.

What else? That Emeralds & Dilloway. Those U.S. Girls. Mala's Miracles 12". Mad Men. If you want to squeeze one last drop of joy out of the dried husk of the holiday season, gather the family 'round the monitor, get out yr hot chocolate and watch Torturing Democracy, and do it early so Poppa don't nod off.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Top Ten (maybe)

10. dj /rupture | uproot | the agriculture
9. sex/vid | communal living | dom america
8. james ferraro | multitopia | new age tapes / olde english spelling bee
7. kanye west | 808s & heartbreak | roc-a-fella
6. iron lung | sexless//no sex | prank
5. v/a | give me love : songs of the brokenhearted, baghdad, 1925-1929 | honest jon's
4. the hospitals | hairdryer peace | self released
3. shit & shine | cherry | riot season
2. zomby | zomby ep | hyperdub
1. fucked up | the chemistry of common life | matador