Monday, May 18, 2009

Wherever you go, you're trapped.

I was thinking I should just list some revelations, cause I've been listening to a lot of real good type music lately.

Iggy Pop - The Idiot: I'd been aware of this one for a while, for the obvious reasons, but I'd never bothered to listen to it, or any post Stooges Iggy for that matter. Bad call on my part. The best David Bowie album, and not just by a little.

Prince Jazzbo - Ital Corner: There's something about Jazzbo's voice. It's like Big Youth with a certain lilt. Less boisterous, less technically adept, but more of the You Know What. Weeping and Wailing is a great track. As far as your mossier Perry productions go, I'd say Ital Corner is second only to Heart of the Congos. But what do I know.

Los Llamarada - Take the Sky: Imagine a less affected Avarus infused with real Punk Rock type fury, or maybe a vibrant Dead C that actually got angry instead of just more forcibly forlorn. I don't know. This is really exciting music. Who the fuck would be listening to other things when they could be listening to Los Llamarada? You're wasting your life. Take it from an expert.

Polvo - Today's Active Lifestyles: I used to own Exploded Drawing. I always thought it was successfully interesting, which isn't exactly a compliment. The band just sounds so much more vital and effortless on this album, which is maybe a strange thing to say about tangles of guitar that often got mistaken for Math Rock, but this is kind of a breezy album. Addictive stuff.

Gasp - Drome Triler of Puzzle Zoo People: Another great find from Kick to Kill. I would've never been able to tell from their track on those Cry Now, Cry Later comps, but Gasp found some sweet spot between Philip Jeck, Sonic Youth circa Bad Moon Rising, and Dystopia. This album gets the balance nearly perfect, but the funny thing is, An Earwig's Guide to Travelling collects everything else they released, and it's almost as good. Just a perfect sensibility for the psychedelic.

Pretty interesting Die Kreuzen interview here. I don't know if Albini's take on major labels was fully formed at the time, but it's certainly amusing to see him quip about Merrill Lynch's financial exploits derailing the economy in 1986. Here's a funny picture that might've been relevant half a year ago.