Friday, September 25, 2009

Curse Go Back

Keith Hudson - Brand

The Dub companion to Rasta Communication. They didn't call him "The Dark Prince of Dub" for no reason, probly the same not reason they call me "The Dork Prince of Chub." Where there's smoke there's a Jamaican dude, I think the saying goes. Actually, this is real earthy, moody type stuff, and I think Joy Division were big fans, so there you go.


Tyvek / Cygnus - split 7"

This was about the only Tyvek thing I was real into up until they released their last full length, which is maybe the best thing I've heard this year. Still, for all its sputtering city sprawl, that one never quite gets as gonzoed as this one. Plus, Heath Llama and some other dude contribute their typical blorp to the b-side to complete the outward trajectory.


William S. Burroughs - Break Through In Grey Room

What's there to say? This one is a hodge-podge of tape work, field recordings and readings, and it manages to work remarkably well as an album. I mean, if you're a weirdo or whatever.



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