Sunday, September 06, 2009

Easy Listening

Fixin to try posting some em pee threes agin. Sharing is nice, plus it makes you feel good, and I love making myself feel good. *wink wink wink wink wink wink*

Crawl Unit : Stop Listening

Joe Colley's austere noise/drone/whatever project is certainly more dynamic and sonically varied than most of the harshbros out there. It's almost like a Dylan Nyoukis project in the way arranges completely decontextualized sound, like field recordings of artificial situations, but there's no intent to be weird or menacing or anything like that. I think Francisco Lopez wrote something about how Colley's music was expressive while remaining completely anonymous, which sounds about right to me.


Los Llamarada : Soundliketrains 2002-2004

This compiles tracks from a bunch of their early cdr releases, all of which are of a significantly lo-er fi than their SS Records releases. They actually get better and more confident with each release, but this is still some Great Guzz. My most favouritest band going.


Corrupted : Dios Injusto 7"
Corrupted : La Victima Es Tu Mismo 7"

The two best Corrupted releases that aren't Llenandose De Gusanos, in my ever estimable e-pinion. You can really hear the connection to Eyehategod and Crust/Power Violence in these earlier releases, which might help to explain why it was so disappointing that El Mundo Frio was some bland ass Post-Rock. Also, Corrupted don't get enough credit for how they wield feedback. It's as much a part of the progression of these songs as any other element, and by the time you get to the b side of Dios Injusto, it's nearly overwhelming.



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